Smithfield Public Space, Dublin
for lighting design partnership

Smithfield Square is a 17th century market place located on the north side of Dublin. Competition winners, McGarry NiEanaigh Architects, rejuvenated this historical site by restoring and replacing the ancient cobblestones, and also introducing contemporary architecture and lighting. We assisted with the technical aspects in realising the architect’s concept for the twelve 26.5m gas lighting masts. In addition to the gas flames, these masts incorporated powerful projectors that uplit the curved metal ‘sails’. Reflected light then softly illuminated the area below, providing sufficient and pleasant lighting without causing glare. Rather than using typical floodlights to light the pedestrian and vehicular areas on the opposite side of the square, we extended the concept of reflected light and used smaller versions of the sails. The result is a visually unified and engaging public space.

Architect. McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects
Photography. Bary Mason

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