Nandos Restaurant, Gloucester Road, London
for kate wilkins lighting designers

The brief was to create drama and visual interest and complement the architect’s contemporary, pared down design. Our concept used the colour red, which features prominently in Nandos’ literature and imagery, to emphasise the brand’s warmth and friendliness.

For the ground floor we proposed an organic shaped ceiling recess filled with a selection of differently shaped and sized glass and acrylic pendants - all in various shades of red - hung at different heights, forming an exciting visual composition. In amongst these we positioned adjustable spotlights (red) to provide dramatic pools of white light on the tables. The success of the scheme lies in the fact that all the functional lighting remains warm-white and natural in feel without distortion of colour, despite the strong red design statement. The upper floor is designed for a quieter ambience, lit by different sized pendants with custom designed fabric shades positioned over the tables.

At the front of the restaurant, to fill the double height space, Tom Kirk was commissioned to design a unique red-glass feature light.

Project lighting designers. Karen van Creveld & Kate Wilkins
Architect. Michaelis Boyd Associates
Photography. James Newton

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