Cabana St Giles, London
for kate wilkins lighting designers

Cabana St Giles is an inviting and vibrant Brazilian restaurant in Covent Garden. The lighting design was developed to create a festive atmosphere with clear references to the eccentric and culturally diverse Brazilian way of life.

The food is typical of Brazil and centres around the customary communal barbeque with an open kitchen and waiters moving around the space with large skewers of cooked meats on offer. The interior design is contemporary, upbeat, colourful and gritty and the lighting techniques support this ambience and help define the restaurant brand.

Hand crafted pendants made from copper tubing, swathes of modern festoon lighting, illuminated displays of translucent kites soaring overhead and quirky lampshades made from brightly coloured traditional fabrics are some of the unique lighting methods we used to create a warm and exciting restaurant experience.

Project lighting designers. Karen van Creveld & Kate Wilkins
Architects. Michaelis Boyd
Photography. Julian Abrams

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