Nandos Restaurant, George Street, Oxford
for kate wilkins lighting designers

The restaurant is a long, clean space with simple finishes of brick, tile, plaster and wood, and large windows filling one side. The lighting concept was bold and challenging and centred on the idea of recycling and low energy. Utilising Nandos’ own sauce bottles with warm white Luxeon LED’s inside, we created a large floating wave running down the restaurant’s length, projecting an image of sustainability and brand reinforcement. Smaller clusters of the LED bottles complemented the scheme. The manufacturer, Light Projects, supplied all calculations, technical development, samples, mock-ups, and fabrication of the custom installation.

The position of the wave was designed to be clearly visible to passers-by, whilst also providing a mix of soft texture and highlights over the tables. The overall appearance is of a solid, floating glass installation: a contemporary expression of glowing crystals. This central feature was supported with other low energy light elements, including concealed cold cathode, fluorescent downlights, and linear LED tape.

Lighting Design Award 2009 Finalist

Project lighting designers. Karen van Creveld & Kate Wilkins
Architect. Michaelis Boyd Associates
Photography. James Newton

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