Scotch Whisky Bars and Sensory Rooms, Edinburgh
for kate wilkins lighting designers

The Bars
Two large, domed gold leaf feature lights hang within the space to visually unite the different bar areas. Their colour and texture refer to the warmth and golden glow of whisky. The overall mood in the space is one of friendly hospitality and comfort. This is supported with simple standing lamps, contemporary hand-made copper pendants, and well illuminated bar displays and wall graphics.

The Sensory Rooms
KWLD created a sequential lighting scheme to reflect both the process of whisky blending and reinforce the audio-visual demonstrations held throughout the day. This included dimmable pre-set scenes suitably timed to correspond to the visuals, and a rhythmic light show on the perimeter walls comprising carefully focused, custom made, gobo projections.

Lighting Design Award 2010 Finalist

Project lighting designers. Karen van Creveld & Kate Wilkins
Design. Craig Hatto and Enigma 3D
Photography. Craig Hatto / Gentilli

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