The Money Bridge, Frederikshaven Denmark
for kate wilkins lighting designers

Practical lighting workshops are a major part of the education programme of the Professional Lighting Design Association and take place at different locations worldwide. Established designers are invited to head up a team and guide the participants through the design process for a (temporary) lighting installation, from developing a meaningful lighting concept for a given site, to installing the equipment needed to realise the design. Our site in the Danish town of Frederikshavn was a long pedestrian bridge linking the ferry dock to the mainland.

The central concept for lighting the bridge was movement the movement of people, the movement of the sea, and the movement of traffic. The resulting design was relevant for the whole bridge, but for the purposes of the workshop only one section was treated. The concept was expressed by using dynamic colour-changing light to gently wash and flow over the architecture.

The movement of people was emphasised by the creation of shadows triggered by sensors – when people walked along the bridge, their shadows were projected onto areas of the glass walls and became clearly visible inside and out. The idea of movement incorporated the concept of arrival and return articulated by the creation of lit gateways, forming focal points to attract and draw the visitor along the route. The combination of different lighting treatments was a deliberate choice intended to provide relief and interest during the lengthy, otherwise monotonous journey over the bridge.

Workshop creative leaders Karen van Creveld & Kate Wilkins ELDA (European Lighting Design Association) Workshop
Photography. PLDA

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