Belsize Park, Private Residence, London
for karen van creveld

We were keen to explore the use of illuminated translucent coloured surfaces as an integrated medium within an interior space, and created two bold light installations in this contemporary designed apartment.

Large planes of sandblasted and laminated glass with bespoke coloured liquid gel sandwiched in-between, were installed into full height doors. Blue, green and aquamarine colours were chosen, with all planes lit by daylight. The colour of the glass was influenced by the changing spectrum of daylight and the sky conditions, be it cloudy or bright sunlight, the time of day, and relative position of the sun. The sandblasted planes were illuminated by dimmable artificial sources, creating diffused yet vibrant lit surfaces after dark.

The second installation comprised a series of recessed light boxes arranged symmetrically on the wall with coloured acrylic panels and concealed dimmable tungsten lamps. The colour palette included rich orange, magenta and deep blue, each colour having been selected for their intensity, liveliness and equal transmission. The installation had been designed so that the coloured panels could be moved and changed, to suit. White opal panels were an alternative option for a more monotone and restful effect, whilst still providing texture and surface illumination in the space.

Lighting Design Award 2004 Finalist

Interior Design. KvC Design
Photography. Robert Clayton for Light & Lighting magazine. Article by Rosemary McIntosh

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