We offer a range of lighting design services, which can be individually tailored to meet the needs of every project and budget. Although each lighting scheme is unique, most projects involve the following stages;

Briefing Stage
Discussion of the main features and scope of the project with our client and design team to establish their aims and aspirations for the lighting.

Concept Stage
Creation of broad lighting concepts that will enhance the architecture and meet the functional and aesthetic needs of those using the space.

Preliminary Design Stage
Transformation of these concept ideas into lighting layouts and generic specification of the lighting fixtures to successfully communicate our intentions.

Detailed Design Stage
Fine-tuning of the lighting layouts and specification to ensure the successful integration of the lighting with the overall architectural design, building services, furniture and finishes.

Installation Stage
Attendance on site to brief the construction team, answer outstanding questions and resolve unforeseen co-ordination and installation issues.

Commissioning Stage
Visiting the completed project to focus the light fixtures and programme the control system to perfect the design.